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OKDO Construct is your building and renovation partner. We cover the whole of Belgium, wherever you live.
Our company was founded by entrepreneurs passionate about offering their clients more than ‘just’ doing some work; they are real partners who provide a turn-key service and assist you every step of the way, a concept that will certainly entice you.

Our approach to renovation and building

It is not uncommon for clients in Belgium to be confronted with lots of difficulties as soon as they start renovating or building a property.

Unlike other, more accessible industries, the building sector has shown itself to be rather complicated. In fact, some experience with materials and new technologies is often in order and many a renovation that seemed straightforward at first sadly turns out to be extremely complicated in the end.

Possible difficulties you might encounter during your building or renovation project

There are lots of reasons why the construction industry is so complex.

  • Large number of different trades
    The number of trades involved in any renovation or building project is considerable, which is why they need organising to ensure a quality result.
  • Planning
    Planning must be strictly respected to avoid additional cost.
  • Logical order
    All the trades involved in a project must do their work one after the other, according to a precise schedule.
  • Clear quotes
    Clients are often confronted with quotes that are not clear enough or do not contain sufficient information. This lack of professionalism makes it not only difficult for them to accurately imagine what the finished work will look like, but also prevents them from comparing quotes altogether.

OKDO Construct offers a definite solution for all your renovation and building projects!

Given all these difficulties and uncertainties, OKDO Construct’s founders offer you their solution: optimal project management to tackle all these problems, so you can stop worrying. We support you every step of the way, advising you and ensuring you remain in control of your project.

Thanks to the professionalism of our teams, we offer quality work:

  • By carefully selecting all the tradesmen and contractors we employ for your project; and
  • By relying on the expertise of our internal design office to make sure the quality of your project corresponds to how you envisaged it.

QualityPRO label

As OKDO Construct is QualityPRO-certified, you can be sure that our tradesmen and contractors deliver professional work and that we are financially sound. In fact, our company checks every tradesman and business we work with to make sure they are qualified and experienced in their field, work safely and deliver quality.

Our management team

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