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Do you have a dream property you would like to build? Your construction specialist in Belgium OKDO Construct now gives you the chance to turn your dream into reality, whether your project involves a family home or is for professional purposes; whether you prefer classic or ultra-modern... We adapt ourselves to your wishes, take care of general project management and listen to your requirements, from the major structural work to the finishing touches.

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New construction project types offered by OKDO Construct

If you have a clear idea of what you want, OKDO Construct offers you a large range of possibilities for new buildings.

  • Typical houses
    If you like it classic, you love brick walls, reinforced-concrete foundations and a tiled roof... Our multidisciplinary team will accompany you every step of the way to your brand new home, respect the planning and not unimportantly, your budget.
  • Wooden houses and wood construction
    Some of us like the cosy and warm feel of a home built completely out of wood. This is why OKDO Construct offers this too. Whether you prefer oak, pine, spruce or any other type of wood, our experts will accompany you throughout your project.
  • Passive houses
    If energy savings are at the top of your priority list, you can count on OKDO Construct to work with the latest techniques in home insulation, DCV (demand-controlled ventilation) systems with heat recovery, etc. and employ the most experienced tradesmen and contractors to maximise your energy savings.
  • Extensions
    Extensions make up another part of the many projects OKDO Construct has on offer. Our concepts incorporate lots of different materials, including brick, wood and modern cladding, to satisfy your every wish.

Why choose OKDO Construct for your building project?

Being the building and renovation specialist in Belgium means OKDO Construct can offer its clients a professional and tailored service with plenty of benefits:

  • Our company takes care of your project from start to finish and accompanies you every step of the way, from the first designs to the finishing touches.
  • We work closely together with your architect. And to see through your project successfully, we focus on teamwork and communication between the different experts involved.
  • We offer a completely free quote and make a point of respecting your planning and budget, so you can avoid any nasty surprises.
  • OKDO Construct is focused on quality and accordingly ensures quality service. Our company is QualityPRO-certified, meaning we work with the best tradesmen and contractors whom we select based on the quality and professionalism of the work they deliver.

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