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Maybe your cosy little nest or workspace has started to feel a little cramped... No problem, because your renovation and building partner in Belgium OKDO Construct offers extensions and extra floors for your property.

Why choose OKDO Construct for your extension?

OKDO Construct works with an effective and professional team to make sure your extension fulfils all your requirements, is completed as fast as possible and integrates perfectly into your existing property.

  • Assistance every step of the way
    From the very first plans to the finishing touches, OKDO Construct is there to support you in your project, while our professional team makes sure all work is optimally carried out, adapting itself to your wishes all the time.
  • QualityPRO label
    OKDO Construct is QualityPRO-certified, meaning that we guarantee solid financial management of our company and professionalism of the building and renovation work we do.
  • Financial guarantee
    To prevent financial headaches due to bankruptcy, all payments made by our clients are kept on a secure "Protectacompte”-account until the first project day.

Our extension projects

Check out our extension projects in the photo gallery:

A complete quote for your property extension or new floor, adapted to your requirements

OKDO Construct offers a complete and professional service for your extension or extra floor.

  • Types of extensions and extra floors
    Whether you would like an extension in wood or steel, OKDO Construct will put together a project offer with plenty of material choices.
  • Insulation
    Our team of qualified tradesmen and contractors will take care of the heat and sound insulation of your brand new extension. Façade or roof, our company offers a whole range of different insulation materials for your extension or extra floor.
  • Interior
    Even after your extension or new floor has been built, you can rely on our advice and expertise to fit up the interior of your newly acquired space. We are there for you so you can make your wish come true, whether you are after a high-tech kitchen or a cosy living room.
  • Old extensions
    If you would like to freshen up your current extension, OKDO Construct will strip it and redo it to perfectly suit your needs and property.

We assist you in obtaining grants for your property extension or extra floor

Did you know your project could be paid for in part by the Flemish, Walloon or Brussels Capital government? We do, so OKDO Construct’s design office advises you on how to obtain grants and subsidies.

A quote for your extension!

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