Renovation Whether you are renovating all of your property or only part of it, you can rely on our industry experience.

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Maybe you would like to renovate your property, but the scope of the works worries you... There is no need, because OKDO Construct is at your service for all your partial and complete renovation projects. We assist you from lending valuable advice right down to completion, anywhere in Flanders, the Brussels Capital region and Wallonia.

Our renovations

OKDO Construct stands for high-quality complete renovations

OKDO Construct is your renovation partner, offering you concrete and reliable guarantees. We lend advice about what steps you need to take in order to obtain any of the vast range of available grants for renovation projects. And as our company is QualityPRO-certified, you can be sure that our tradesmen and contractors work professionally and we are financially sound. Request a completely free quote for your property’s complete renovation now!

Complete renovation specialist OKDO Construct is unique in the industry

OKDO Construct offers many advantages when it comes to renovation projects, which are widely considered to be complex things when they concen an entire building. After all, they touch upon, or even involve, many trades and disciplines in the construction industry that need fine-tuned co-ordination.

In this context, OKDO Construct stands out because:

We give accurate estimates for complete renovations
We put together a list of all necessary changes and calculate the budget you will need for your renovation project, i.e. we provide you with an accurate work estimate.
We respect the planning
We carefully plan your renovation works and make sure our teams respect the schedule.
We are QualityPRO-certified
OKDO Construct is QualityPRO-certified, meaning that we manage our sites well and are masters in our trade

Renovation project stages

Renovating a property sometimes feels like a maze of difficulties, considering the sheer number of major construction disciplines involved one after the other. OKDO Construct has mastered all necessary renovation techniques, in particular:

Taking down walls and partitions
The first step in any renovation should be stripping the part that will be tackled, so there is nothing left but the structure that features on the project plans.
While re-designing your property, you may have decided to rewire or redo your electrics altogether. During this step, you will have the chance to install a new fuse box, new plugs and interrupters.
When we say the word ‘renovation’, we often think about modernising the plumbing in a home. In some cases this involves relaying the central heating pipes, laying new water and gas pipes, connecting toilets and bathrooms, changing the central heating or boiler and, last but not least, replacing the radiators.
This step consists of putting a smooth coat of plaster on the walls and ceilings of your property to make sure they are perfectly even. During this step, our tradesmen and contractors put on drop ceilings and accommodate for any lighting fixtures.
Roof structure and insulation
The roof is the centrepiece of any building and renovating it ensures its stability. This step in your project consists of repairing the old framing or putting on an entirely new structure, while thinking also of energy savings, in which case it will be essential to put in place proper roof insulation. Maybe it is only a matter of insulating your loft on the inside or outside, so it can be converted, but renovating your roof can also mean new zinc work and covering materials, in line with your wishes (slate, roof tiles, zinc, EPDM foil, etc.).
Façade insulation 
To avoid heat loss, property owners can choose to insulate the façade of their building and cover it with wood, PVC, render or plaster.
Floor and wall insulation
Those who want to keep the façade of their property can opt for wall and floor insulation on the inside. This ensures maximum comfort while reducing your heating bills.
A screed is poured onto the floors and as soon as it is dry, they are recovered in a material of your choice (concrete, vinyl, parquet or tiles).
This stage consists of all the ‘finishing touches’, such as painting and interior decoration. They will make your project just perfect!
Installing the kitchen
A professional kitchen fitter will install your tailor-made cabinets and countertop as well as your integrated electric appliances.
This is the final step in your renovation and includes all possible exterior work. Here we think about external access areas to your property, plants and shrubs, decking and concrete terraces, etc. Building retaining walls, laying driveways and even installing a pool if you want, are all part of this stage!

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