OkDo Construct

Your building and renovation partner

Building and renovation company OKDO Construct operates in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. We make our clients the centre of our activities and continuously strive for quality, checking the work of our tradesmen and contractors, and assisting you every step of the way during your project.

About OKDO Construct

OKDO Construct benefits

OKDO Construct guarantees quality support for your renovation and building project by:

  • Offering an end-to-end service and all-encompassing project management;
  • Providing you with one single contact person and the advice of our internal design office to assist you in your building project, from the first drawings to the finishing touches;
  • Ensuring we select only professional tradesmen and contractors based on the quality of the work they deliver; and by making sure your planning and budget are respected.
  • Mastering all the latest technologies in the world of construction perfectly, so we can call on them for your project, in line with your wishes.

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